L'AMARI DI PUGLIA - Label design
Some labels designs have made for a pepper based sauce.
So Sticker - logo and assets
Personnal project to open a decorative stickers e-shop
Lao-Koon album
Here is a project I've made a few years ago. I was involved in a rock band and we made an album. It was so exciting to be in charge of all the artwork and to be able to release 500 pieces.
CERES logo design
The CEREMH, with the partnership of the CERES plateform, dedicated to exchange for new solutions for defficient people by promoting and creating software applications. Mission wa to design their logo
Mnemozyne logo update
Originaly a logo redesign that turn to a lifting for a foundation helping people who have physical and psychical defficiencies
bigbubble prod logo update
Updating Big Bubble prod logo . http://bigbubbleprod.com/
Invitation and flyer design for family purpose. It was mostly about making what I want taking care of family briefing and analyse my own workflow and creative speed.
SOURCES - artworks
Some artworks for my former metal band. Freak show theme.
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